797 Audio Q3381 Amplifier

797 Audio Q3381 Amplifier
Four-way microphone inputs, four stereo line input, two stereo output
Apply to the hall, conference rooms, temporary venue sound reinforcement, and other equipment before the class to enlarge
Allow to stay away from the main source sound reinforcement equipment without outside interference


Enter four-way microphone input (balanced with 48V phantom power, 20dB attenuation, controllable)
Four stereo line input (non-equilibrium)
Four-output stereo output (balance, the balance of non-use)
Output stereo / mono, convertible
Frequency characteristics of +1,-3dB (20Hz-20KHz)
signal to noise ratio 60dB
Harmonic distortion 0.5%
Power AC220V +/- 22V 50Hz +/- 2Hz


Size 480 x 150 x 44mm


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