Videonics FS-5 Portable DTE Recorder 100Gb PAL

Videonics FS-5 Portable DTE Recorder 100Gb PAL
Defining a new class of DTE recording, the FS-5 Portable DTE Recorder weighs only twelve ounces, brings Direct To Edit(R) recording technology to your HDV or DV handheld camcorder, and enables you to add custom metadata while you're recording.


Featuring a backlit color display, an easy-to-use menu system, a 100GB hard drive, and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Focus FS-5 is the perfect DTE companion for your HDV or DV camcorder. Audio, video, timecode, and control information is passed through a single FireWire cable, allowing you to record to disk or to disk and tape simultaneously.

Designed for use in even the roughest conditions, the FS-5 includes a 10-second electronic shock cache to ensure that you never lose footage. Advanced features such as time lapse (DV mode only), retro disk recording, scene marking, and clip categorization make the FS-5 Portable DTE Recorder the perfect companion for handheld shoots. When recording is complete, your footage is ready to edit instantly-no capturing, file transfer, or file conversion is required.


HDV Recording Modes
.m2t 720p 24/25/30/50/60
.m2t 1080i 50/60
MXF HDV (720p 30)
MXF HDV (1080i 50/60)
QuickTime 1080i 50/60
QuickTime 720p 30
DV Recording Modes
AVI Type 1 MXF
AVI Type 2 Pinnacle AVI
AVI Type 2 24p QuickTime
Canopus AVI QuickTime 24p
Matrox AVI RawDV

In the Box

Li-ion Battery pack
Power Adaptor with connector cable
Cable, power
Cable, USB 2.0
Cable, Firewire 6-pin to 6 - pin.
Cable, Firewire 6-pin to 4 - pin.
Camera Mount Kit
User Manual


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