Leica MACRO-Elmar-M 4.0/90 Lens - Silver

by Leica
Leica MACRO-Elmar-M 4.0/90 Lens - Silver
The Leica Macro Elmar-M 90mmf/4 is designed to maintain very high optical performance even at distances much shorter than the usual 2.3 feet (0.70cm). In connection with the Leica Macro Adapter-M, this lens allows shots with a reproduction ratio up to 1:3.


Focal length: 90.0 mm
Maximum aperture: 4
Minimum aperture: 22
Diagonal Angle of View: 27o
Lens Construction: 4 elements in 4 groups
Entrance pupil: 32.3 mm (related to the first lens surface in light direction)
Closest Focusing Distance: 0.77m/2.5 ft (with LEICA MACRO-ADAPTER-M: 0.5/1.6 ft to 0.76m/2.5 ft)
Smallest object field: 161 mm x 241 mm (with LEICA MACRO-ADAPTER-M: 72 x 108 mm)
Highest reproduction ratio: 1:6.7 (with LEICA MACRO-ADAPTER-M: 1:3)
Filter (type) internal thread for screw-in type filters E 39, non-rotating lens mount
Dimensions (D x L): 52 mm x 59 mm (lens extended, in working position), 41 mm (lens collapsed, in storage position)
Weight: 320g (11.3 oz)