Leica APO-Telyt-M 3.4/135 Lens

by Leica
Leica APO-Telyt-M 3.4/135 Lens
This 135 mm telephoto lens for the M system is now being offered for the very first time with superb APO quality. It replaces the two previous M lenses of the same focal length (f/2.8 and f/4, respectively). The sharpness, contrast and resolving power of this unique lens are impressive, even at full aperture. Other plus points are its modest weight, its handiness, and its ease of operation. And it comes with a built-in sliding lens hood.


Focal length: 136 mm
Maximum aperture: 3.4
Minimum aperture: 22
Lens Construction: 5 elements in 4 groups
Diagonal Angle of View: 18o
Entrance pupil: 68 mm (related to the first lens surface in light direction)
Closest Focusing Distance: 1.5m/4.9 ft
Smallest object field: 220 mm x 330 mm
Highest reproduction ratio: 1:9
Filter (type): internal thread for screw-in type filters E 49
Dimensions (D x L): 58.5 mm x 104.7 mm ( 2.3 in x 4.1 in)
Weight: 450 g (15.9 oz)