Tascam DM-4800 Digital Mixing Console

by Tascam
Tascam DM-4800 Digital Mixing Console
The TASCAM DM-4800 is the ultimate digital console for professional users who demand a flexible, 64-channel mix platform that configures to fit their needs. A "fat channel" strip in the center of the board provides instant access to 4-band parametric EQ, dynamics and aux controls available for the first 48 channels.


* 48 channels and 16 returns for 64 total inputs
* 24 busses
* 12 Aux Sends
* 24 mic/line inputs with analog inserts plus phantom power for condenser mics
* 24 channels of TDIF and 8 channels of ADAT built in
* 4 expansion card slots support optional FireWire, ADAT, AES/EBU, Analog, TDIF and Surround Monitoring cards
* Dedicated cascade port supports cascade of two DM-4800s
* Channel Strip section for EQ, Dynamics and Aux control of selected channel
* Per channel LED ring encoders for pan, aux sends and EQ
* Built-in DAW control layer compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, SONAR, Cubase, Nuendo, and Digital Performer
* Transport buttons control DAW software, RS-422 devices or MMC devices
* Powerful automation with touch-sensitive motorized faders
* 4-band EQ, compression and gating on each channel
* Compression for each aux, buss and main output
* Two built-in effects processors, each able to run TC Reverb programs
* Flexible routing allows any input to be routed to any channel or output
* Offload data to convenient Compact Flash media using built-in CF slot
* Optional MU-1000 meter bridge (as shown)
* Maximum overall dimensions (w x d x h) including rest: 36.75" x 32.4" x 9.1" (933mm x 824mm x 230mm)
* Weight: 71lbs (35kg)



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