Tascam MP-GT1 Portable MP3 Guitar Trainer

by Tascam
Tascam MP-GT1 Portable MP3 Guitar Trainer


240-song memory capacity (based on average 4-minute MP3 encoded at 128kbps)
Variable Speed Audition changes the speed of the MP3 playback without changing the pitch
Pitch control in 1% steps so you don't have to re-tune
Seamless looping for practicing tricky passages
High-impedance 1/4" guitar input
Guitar multi-effects include overdrive, distortion, delay, flange, reverb and more
Guitar Cancel effect eliminates the guitar part from the recorded song so you can play along
Built-in tuner, oscillator and metronome
1/8" Headphone output
Built-in rechargeable battery with 9-hour reserve
128x64 graphic LCD display
USB jack
Auto Power Off and Hold function


Dimensions (W x H x D): 78 x 110 x 25.5 mm excluding protrusions
Weight: 220g including lithium ion battery


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