Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Flash

by Nikon
Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Flash
The Nikon SB-900 Speedlight is Nikon's flagship flash unit, and the most advanced in the Speedlight range. As a replacement to the SB-800, the SB-900 shares many of the same functions, but also has some innovative additions and improvements. Its automated zoom head has been expanded to cover 17mm to 200mm lenses (in 35mm/FX format), and can cover this range in just 1.2 seconds. This flash now lets you select from three light distribution patterns: Standard, Center-weighted, and Even. It will also automatically detect if it is connected to a DX or FX format camera, and adjust itself accordingly.

The SB-900 can work as a stand-alone flash, or as part of a wireless group, either in Commander mode or as a slave (remote). The i-TTL system in this flash supports Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to four groups of Speedlights, with 3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through the master SB-900. i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash flash control employs Nikon's Advanced Data Communication system. This system provides an improved method for the monitor pre-flash and wireless operation that marks an evolution in higher precision over Nikon's acclaimed D-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash control system, and forms the core of the Creative Lighting System.


Multiple Flash Exposure Modes
i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash with Nikon cameras that support i-TTL (e.g. D3, D700, D200, etc.)

D-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash with Nikon D1 series or D100

TTL Auto Flash with many film SLRs, including the Nikon F5, F100, N80 (F80), N75 (F75), N65 (F65) and FM3A

[AA] Auto Aperture Flash

[A] Auto Aperture Flash with many film SLRs, including the Nikon N55 (F55) and FM10

[M] Manual Flash
Bounce Capability
Flash head tilts down to -7o or up to 90o
Flash head rotates horizontally 180o to the left and right.

Intelligent i-TTL system supports Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to 3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through a master SB-900 or with the "Commander" function of compatible cameras.

3 Light Distribution Patterns
Allows you to improve the light quality by selecting Standard for general illumination, Center-weighted for portraits, or Even for groups and interiors.

Stroboscopic Effect
Repeating flash for creating stroboscopic multiple-exposure effect.

Mixed Exposure Modes
Individual flash mode settings ([TTL], [AA], [A] and [M]) are available for each of the four groups (including master controller) for easy total lighting control based on the brightness of the subject and not simply on general output ratios for each group.

FV Lock
Flash Value Lock allows photographers to change the composition or zoom for the shot while maintaining desired lighting of the subject.

Distance Priority Manual Flash Mode
User can set the distance and aperture, and the SB-900 automatically sets the power output, a great feature for manual flash [M] shooting at weddings and for product shots.

Colored Gels
Allows modification of flash output to match background scene, especially useful for digital cameras where "white balance" can be controlled. Included are Tungsten and Fluorescent adjustment filters.

Color Gel Filter Identification
Flash automatically identifies mounted color gel filters and adjusts the camera's auto white-balance setting with select Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Flash Tube Overheat Protection
Includes a built-in thermal sensor that protects the flash-tube from overheating during sustained high-speed bursts.

AF-Assist Illuminator
The SB-900 provides improved AF assisting accuracy by being able to cover all 51 AF points with the D3, D700, and D300 (as of 7/2008), and with wider coverage from 20-105mm.

Firmware Updating
Allows uploading of performance enhancement developments to the SB-900 with select Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Large easily read illuminated LCD panel.


Guide No - 131' (40 m) at 35mm position

Angle of Coverage - 104o to 12o (24 to 200mm in 35mm format)
- 122o to 104o (12 to 17mm) with included wide angle adapter

Vari-Power - 1/1 to 1/128th

TTL Dedication - Yes (i-TTL the D2H, D-TTL, or TTL, depending on camera used)

Bounce Head - Yes

Swivel Head - Yes

Zoom Head In 35mm format (FX format):
-17-200mm (Auto-zoom; flash senses focal length & adjusts)
-12-17mm (Auto-zoom with built-in wide flash adapter)

Off Camera Terminal - Nikon Type PC Terminal (SC-15 or SC-11), & TTL Terminal (SC-19 or SC-18)

Recycle Time - 2.3 Seconds with Ni-MH batteries
- 4 Seconds with fresh alkaline batteries & full power
- 4.5 Seconds with Lithium batteries & full power

Power Source - Four 1.5-Volt "AA" batteries; alkaline, lithium, NiCad or NiMh

Dimensions - 3 x 5.7 x 4.7" (78 x 146 x 119mm)

Weight - 14.6 oz

In the Box

- SS-900 Soft Case
- SW-13H Diffusion Dome
- SJ-900 Color Filter Set
- SZ-2 Color Filter Holder
- AS-21 Speedlight Stand


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