Fujifilm Z20 Digital Camera - Pink

Fujifilm Z20 Digital Camera - Pink
The Fujifilm FinePix Z20fd Digital Camera is an ultra-slim and stylish camera with a durable all-metal mono-body design and a unique non-extending lens. It features an impressive 10.0 Megapixel resolution, a 3x optical zoom lens, high sensitivity of ISO 1600, and the useful blog mode. The sharp 2.5" scratch resistant LCD screen lets you easily frame and view your images and the intuitive menu system is so easy to navigate, anyone can use this camera.

The FinePix Z20fd is loaded with features that will ensure your pictures look great. The impressive hardware-based Face Detection technology identifies up to ten faces in a frame and optimizes focus and exposure while the Automatic Red Eye Correction feature removes red-eye from your images to provide the best possible people-pictures. A total of 14 special scene position modes (including Portrait, Landscape, Snow, Night and Close-up) make the camera ideally suited to any photo opportunity.

Furthermore, when a still image isn't sufficient, the camera's movie mode captures movie clips with sound that are of broadcast quality, and even provides sophisticated in-camera video control features so that you get the exact video clip you want.

The FinePix Z20fd is equipped with a fast USB 2.0 interface, or you can use the IrSimple interface for wireless communication with other IrSimple-ready cameras and devices. Plus the camera provides versatility in regard to memory options - being able to record images and video clips to either xD-Picture Card, or Secure Digital media; the camera is even compatible with Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards so you can use very large capacity memory cards.


10 Megapixel Resolution
The FinePix Z20fd produces images with an incredible 10.0 megapixels of resolution, providing incredibly sharp and detailed images even when printed to poster sizes.

3x Non-extending Zoom Lens
The FinePix Z20fd features an innovative non-extending, refractive optical zoom lens which provides faster start-up and bring your subject closer to you with a 3.0x optical zoom (equivalent to a 35 - 105mm on a 35mm camera). The camera also has a 5.7x digital zoom that lets you get even closer providing a combined 17.1x total zoom range.

Face Detection with Automatic Red Eye Correction
The FinePix Z20fd features Fujifilm's incredible Face Detection Technology, which significantly improves your picture taking by identifying human subjects' faces in the frame (up to 10 faces) and in real time, determines the best possible focus and exposure settings for the absolute best results possible in any shooting conditions. Furthermore, the camera incorporates a sophisticated, intelligent software algorithm to detect red-eye and correct it in-camera after the image has been captured, to assure that every picture looks its best.

Picture Stabilization
Taking advantage of the camera's incredible ISO 1600 sensitivity, high signal to noise ratio, and faster shutter and operational speeds with excellent noise reduction, the Picture Stabilization technology of the Z20fd camera automatically uses professional photographic techniques to help reduce camera shake, freeze subject movement and improve low light background detail.

TV-quality Video Recording
The FinePix Z20fd includes a VGA Quality Movie mode that captures at a rate of 30 fps with sound, so you can use your compact digital still camera to produce broadcast quality video clips. The camera also has a One Touch Movie Button to quickly engage the movie mode, plus the camera allows for effective movie editing with the Successive movie feature that allows users to select any previously recorded movie file and "resume" shooting, and In-Out Editing where users can select the IN and OUT points to crop and save only the part of the video clip desired.

2.5" TFT Color LCD
A scratch resistant, reinforced acrylic protective shield protects the incredibly sharp and bright 2.5-inch LCD on the Finepix Z20fd so you can take it everywhere. The extra-large LCD makes it easy to frame your photos and share the results in brilliant color, and the Micro Thumbnail View presents a clear 10 x 10 array of thumbnails on the big display to make navigating photos fast and easy.

Blog Mode
The Blog Mode of the FinePix Z20fd lets you automatically resize any image you've captured to a 640 x 480 (VGA) image size, right in the camera, with the touch of a button. Your original high resolution image is saved, and an additional VGA image file is created for use in web applications or email where smaller file sizes and faster load times are needed.

USB 2.0 and IrSimple Interface
With the fast USB 2.0 interface, you'll be able to transfer your images and video clips to your computer quickly and easily, or use the IrSimple interface for wireless communication with other IrSimple-ready cameras and devices. No more fumbling with cables and connections - just select the photo or movie and send it.
Uses xD-Picture & Secure Digital Cards
The FinePix Z20fd features a card slot that accepts either xD-Picture Card or Secure Digital media to store and transfer your photos. Plus the camera is compatible with Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Cards. This convenient and flexible capability assures compatibility with a wider variety of applications than ever before, and allows users to choose the media technology that is right for them.

In the Box

- NP-45 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
- BC-45 Battery Charger
- USB Cable
- A/V Cable
- Hand Strap
- Software CD-ROM (FinePixViewer)
- Owner's Manual


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