Vixell VDM-4120E Videocorder NTSC

by Vixell
Vixell VDM-4120E Videocorder NTSC
4-Channel embedded HD videocorder


Operation system embedded, low power loss, super stability, powerful function

MPEG-4 compression

4/9/16 routes high-quality image kinescope, 4/9/16 routes display/playback synchronously

Support motion detected, cradle head command, 4/9/16 routes induction alarm input

Support IE browse, management; client server browse, management

Have powerful net function, 4/9/16 routes transport synchronously, long-distance management and command

Long-distance client server have powerful function:
Setting, command, playback and alarm sending can be operated in the DVR mainframe

Client server function:
Setting for diversified function, long-distance browse, kinesope, playback, browse many DVR synchronously, electronic map, playbacking for multi-picture in single frame,

Chinese/English conversion etc.

Choose arbitrarily time, route in playback, support multi-routes speed, single frame speed, multi-routes speed back up, single frame back up etc.

4/9/16 routes can be set 720 x 576 or other resolution. Each route can be set for different frame

Using remote control for fig. key-lock setting in DVR

Estate inquiry, affair inquiry real-time

Multi-pictures for output synchronous(monitor, display,(TV wall), S mount etc)

Picture-in-picture show, Multi-pictures(1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 16)


Compressed format : MPEG-4


Video Input : 4ch
Output(synchronously) :
1 composite BNC
1 s-video
1 video
-1 spot (Cyc output)
4CH(One-to-one output)

Operation System : Embedded Linux

HD : Max. Content 4eax4

360x240 : 120fps/16ch
720x240 : 60fps/16ch
720x480 : 30fps/16ch

In : 4ch
Out : 1ch

In : 4ch
Out : 4ch

Upgrade Adjusted : 1RS-232C
Cradle Head Command : 1RS-485

Manage online real-time view : Backup, PTZ control via ADSL.LAN
LAN Port : 1 10/100 base T Erhernet
Show : 1, 2(pic-in-pic), 4, 9, 16
Data Backup : Network, USB
Dimensions (W x L x H) : 35 x 26 x 6.5 cm
Weight : Approx. 5.5Kg


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