Vixell VSN-1001AT Net Video Server

by Vixell
Vixell VSN-1001AT Net Video Server
1-channel net video server


Support local HD kinescope, Microsoft Media Player display directly
Support two kinds of stream, net transportation and kinescope independently
Support cell phone (Includng PDA etc.)
Support 802.11g wireless LAN , CDMA, G
Support USB2.0 standard mount outside
Support dynamic domain name parsing (DDNS)
Support D1 high-resolution real-time network video server, Half D1.CIF.QCIF compatible
Adopt H.25 video coding technology, MP3 audio coding technology
Real-time transportation of bidirectional voice talking
Forepart D1 snapshot (JPG)
Embedded Web server.Web for long-distance stakeout, command, setting
Have function of long-distance upgrading
Network self-adaptive technology, adjusting video frame rate auto according to net bandlengh
Video code rate 16KBDS-4MBDS optional. Frame rate 1-30(1-25)optional.
Alarm function of video shelter, Motion detected etc.
Support RS-232/485 serial, management of cradle head, dome, matr
Support multi-user visiting synchronously, jurisdiction manage of multi-level user code
Connecting the net auto after net interregnum



Video input : 1-Channel VP-P=1V-75 ohm
Mount : BNC Feminine
Pic.Standard : NTSC/ PAL


Audio Sampling Rate : 32KHZ, 44.1KHZ, 48KHZ, MP3
Code Rate output : 8kbps - 128kbps
Audio input : 1-channel
S/N Ratio : Tone arm, microphone input(VP-P=100mv)Audio output
Bidirectional voice talk : >= 80db
Distortion & S/N Ratio : <= -30db

Digital Processing:

Compression : H.264, forepart D1 pic. snapshot(JPEG)
Kinescope Local : IDE HD
Resolution : CIF, QCIF
Frame Rate : Each video, frame rate(1-30), (1-25)optional, according to net bandlengg
Code Rate Out : 6Kbps - 1152Kbps optional

Alarm : 4-channel input, 4-channel output
Video shelter, motion detected(sensitivity&district can be arranged), alarm presettable kinescope for 60s, delayed for 120s

Network Communication:

Web server Embedded : Support IE stakeout, command, setting, upgrade
Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, MULTICAST, support dynamic domain name parsing(DDNA)

Net Type : Support PPPO, ADSL, 802.11G wireless LAN, CDMA, GPRS
Physical Mount : USB2.0; 10/100M Ethernet mout fqp cradle head managed RS485 alarm input/ output

Physical Crust : High-quality aluminium alloy
Operation Temperature : -10C - 60C
Operation Humidity : <=80%RH
Power Supply : Outer, 12V input
Power : A:8W, B: 6W
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 180 x 150 x 44.5 mm
Weight : 0.79kg


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