Walkart S-6020EX Camera Backpack for Sony PMW-EX1

by Walkart
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Walkart S-6020EX Camera Backpack for Sony PMW-EX1
Specially designed for Sony PMW-EX1 camera. With shoulder strap, waistband and pectoral girdle. Body mechanics design makes it more comfortable. The design of integrated internal lining provides a safe protection for the camera. The top pockets and side pockets are available for carrying more accessories.


Innte size, mm: 340(L) x 220(W) x 545(H)


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Rating: 4.5
Amazing Backpack
Rating: 5.0
By from Switzerland on
This is an awesome safety-case for the EX-1R!!!

The backpack includes a *medium-soft* interior which is especially made for the EX-1R. The camera is more than save in this rucksack. The only disadventage is its size. The backpack is quite huge although there is just space for the Camera, an extra akku and that's it.

There are some extra pockets on the outer side where you can put in stuff like a charger for the akkus (batteries) or cables or small stuff like that. There are two medium sized pockets on the sides where you can put a microphone in and two more on the front.

I was looking for a case that saves my camera and I found it. I would buy it again!

Just fits the EX-1(R), Canon or other sony cameras will not fit!
Kindest Regards
Rating: 4.0
By from slovenia on
good backpack. if it had few extra pockets it would have been excelent.