Sony PVM-14L4 Color Video Monitor

by Sony
Sony PVM-14L4 Color Video Monitor
Model : PVM-14L4


Compact chassis
A compact chassis design makes installation easy where
rack or monitor stack space is limited.
Compared to the equivalent models in the PVM-M range,
the PVM-14L4 in 6RU (two less rack units).

Flush, LED-illuminated, push-button controls
Push-button controls are conveniently located on the front
panel either side of the screen. These buttons are neatly
mounted behind plastic film to avoid accidental operation.
Their LED illumination can be turned off completely, or
adjusted over five steps of brightness.

Worldwide TV standards
The PVM-14L4 accepts PAL, SECAM and NTSC
composite signals. NTSC 4.43 can also be reproduced.

Signal interface options
A range of optional input signal adaptors are available,
any one of which can be inserted into the option slot in the
rear panel. These options allow the PVM-14L4 to
be customized to accept a wide variety of input signals.

External sync
The PVM-14L4 accepts an external sync signal for
synchronization with other equipment. The external sync
can be set so that it automatically switches according to
the input selected.

High resolution
The HR Trinitron(R) CRT used in the PVM-14L4
provides a resolution of 800 TV lines.

Beam current feedback circuit
Because monitor white balance is prone to drift during
continuous operation over a long period of time,
PVM-14L4 monitor is equipped with a beam
current feedback circuit. This eliminates white balance drift
and results in long-term stability of color reproduction.

Auto white balance
With an optional BKM-14L Set-up Probe connected to the
front panel of the PVM-14L4, the color temperature
of the display can be adjusted to a precise value.

Selectable aspect ratio
By pressing a front panel button, the aspect ratio can be
switched between 4:3 and 16:9.


CRT type : 14-inch HR Trinitron
AG pitch : 0.25 mm
Phosphor : EBU
Effective picture size (4:3) : 267.5 (W) x 200.6 (H) mm, 331.6 (Diagonal) mm
Effective picture size (16:9) : 267.5 (W) x 150.5 (H) mm, 306.9 (Diagonal) mm

Resolution (4:3/16:9) : 800 TV lines (4:3)/600 TV lines (16:9)
Color system : PAL,SECAM,NTSC,NTSC 4.43
Aperture correction : OFF: 0 dB, ON: 2 to 6 dB
Frequency response : LINE: 10.0 MHz +0 dB/-3 dB, Y signal only, RGB: 10.0 MHz +0 dB/-3 dB
Synchronization : AFC time constant 1.0 ms
Scanning frequency : 15.734 kHz (NTSC, NTSC 4.43), 15.625 kHz (PAL, SECAM)
Normal scan : 7% overscan
Underscan : 5% underscan

Power requirements : AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (Typical/with options) : 0.9 to 0.5 A/1.0 to 0.6 A, 90 W/95 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) : approx. 346 x 280 x 424 mm
Weight : approx. 17 kg

In the Box

AC Power Cord
Operation Manual


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