Swit S-2010C LED Camera Light

by Swit
Swit S-2010C LED Camera Light
For Canon cameras


The new professional S-2010 camera light combines 4 advanced LEDs with SWIT optic technology design. S-2010 has improved lumen output 50% more compared with the same category of products in the world in much smaller volume. It offers high output and consumes low power with the unique LED technology. The output is equivalent to a 40W bulb at 5600Ko daylight color temperature while requiring only 12W of power with low heat radiation. S-2010 has the long lifetime over 100,000 hours, requiring no dichroic filter and spare filament bulbs.

With the color compensating filter you can also change to 3200Ko and the new dimmer enables you to adjust the luminance easily.


Input : DC 6V ~ 9V
Power Consumption : 12W
Color Temperature : 5600Ko/ 3200Ko
Weight : 270g
Dimensions : 100x75x60mm
Luminance : 5501x (1 meter)