Canon 430EX Speedlite Flash

by Canon
Canon 430EX Speedlite Flash
This exciting new addition to the EOS System combines compact size and affordability with an added dose of features and sophistication. Improving on the previous model, Speedlite 420EX, the new 430EX can now be set into manual flash mode (full power~1/64). Flash compensation can be set on the flash unit, and manual control of the flash zoom head is now possible. Improvements in its circuitry make recycle time 40% faster, and since it is compatible with Canon's wireless E-TTL, it can be used as an affordable "slave unit."


Significantly greater user control via new LCD panel on rear of flash

Wide-angle pull-down panel covers 14mm lens (on a full-frame camera)

Slightly higher max. guide number at 105mm setting (GN 141-feet, at ISO 100)

Auto conversion of flash zoom coverage with compatible digital SLRs

White balance info communicated instantly to compatible digital SLRs

Bounce upward to 90o; swivel right (to 90o) and left (to 180o)

14% lighter and approx. 25% smaller in overall volume than top-of-the-line 580EX

Six flash custom functions built into the 430EX (set on rear LCD panel)


Type : Shoe Mount

Guide No. : 43 m at 105mm

Angle of Coverage : 114o (14mm in 35mm) ~ 23o (105mm in 35mm)

Vari-Power : full power to 1/64th (in whole stop increments)

TTL Dedication : E-TTL II with appropriate cameras

Bounce Head : yes

Swivel Head : yes

Zoom Head : 24-105mm (flash head senses focal length, sensor size & adjusts accordingly), plus built-in 14mm panel

Off Camera Terminal : no

Recycle Time : 3.7 Seconds (based on alkaline batteries & full power)

2 Seconds (based on NiMH batteries & full power)

Power Source : four 1.5-volt "AA" alkaline batteries

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Speedlite 430EX

Soft Case 430EX

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