Swit S-1080DF 8-inch LCD Monitor

by Swit
Swit S-1080DF 8-inch LCD Monitor
S-1080DF/HF is a professional LCD monitor with the function of transferring SDI/HD-SDI signal to YUV, S-Video or Composite signal. The input SDI signal is the 8 bits or 10 bits and defined by SMPTE259M Standard. Provided with battery mount, it's available for SONY F series battery.

Replacement: Globalmediapro FVG70 7-inch on-Camera HD-SDI Monitor


Screen Size : 8"
Format : PAL/NTSC
Aspect Ratio : 16:9/4:3
Resolution : 800 x RGB x 480
Signal Input : SDI/YC/YUV/Composite with Audio
Description : 8" TFT Monitor, 12v DC input (Battery Pack 7.2V)
Dimensions: 220x132x58mm
Power Consumption: 16W/1A
TALLY : R/G/Y Three color, self-powered
With Sony NP-F style DV battery mount


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