Swit S-8172A Lithium ion Battery 2x80Wh

by Swit
Swit S-8172A Lithium ion Battery 2x80Wh
Swit S-8172A Lithium ion Battery System
Large capacity; Capable of being divided into two parts, A and B; Meet the regulations of International Air Transport Association.
When part A and part B being recombined, the indicator will tell if it is in well connection. Li-ion battery; No memory effect; Indicate the remaining power by LED.
Build-in intelligent control circuit, multiple protections of temperature, current and voltage.
S-8172A is compatible with Gold mount batteries.
New design of DC output makes it possible to power the camera and light simultaneously.

Replacement : Globalmediapro Li190BA Gold Mount Li-ion Buddy Battery System 190Wh


Voltage : 14.4V
Capacity : 80Whx2
Dimension : 168x101x65mm
Net Weight : 1.25Kg


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