Hylow PB-12006 Photo Box

by Hylow
Hylow PB-12006 Photo Box
with four pieces of cloth

Ideal for larger items...
120cm Light Tent diffuses the external light source to soften shadows and reduce reflections. Supplied with 4 backdrops in white/black/red/blue
Small furniture/cushions photography
Sculpture photography
Larger pottery/ceramics photography
Musical instrument photography
Electrical appliance photography
Flowers/potted plant photography
Antiques and silver Ideal for catalogue photography, online auction photography, collectables and product photography. Enables you to create your own portable, self-contained, table top lighting studio. Our Light Tent's special photographic nylon fabric diffuses the external light source, softening shadows and reducing glare, making it ideal for photographing shiny or reflective objects. It also provides a choice of uniform backgrounds against which to pose the objects and can be used with digital or film cameras.