Hylow UMB-4304 Brolly Softbox

by Hylow
Hylow UMB-4304 Brolly Softbox
For the soft, diffused lighting effect of a softbox, with the simplicity of setup and mounting. Acting like a softbox, it's designed like an umbrella, fitting through your reflector as an umbrella would, then tightening around the faceplate to eliminate light spill. The Umbrellas and Brolly Boxes fit through the hole in the reflector, then through the corresponding hole on the top of the flash unit. The pole is tightened down with a screw.

A Brolly Box will produce a result similar to an equivalent size softbox. The beauty dish look can be approximated with a 47" brolly, while being lighter, cheaper and easier to handle than a beauty dish. A similar effect can be obtained with larger brolly boxes or umbrellas placed farther back from the subject.

Our brolly boxes are available in 32-inch and 48-inch sizes. The measurement of inches refers to the arc length across the top of the brolly box when opened. The UB32 32-inch brolly box measures 32 inches over the outside arc (from tip to tip) and 25.5 inches in diameter. The UB48 48-inch brolly box measures 48 inches over the outside arc and 35 inches in diameter.