StreamLabs X1 Audio Card

StreamLabs X1 Audio Card
Stream Audio extension sound card

The card sits inside the computer and connects to Stream Alpha Plus PCI-E with a special cable, which transfers service information and relay control signal. The card provides a professional quality audio track synchronized with video. This ensures accurate sound insertion into pass-through audio channel. In addition, the card features analog and digital mixing of pass-through and played back audio streams and provides audio bypass mode at computer power cutoff.


24-bit audio codec UDA1380.
48kHz sampling frequency.
Audio in signal/noise ratio: 100 dB.
Audio in channel decompression: 97 dB.
Audio out signal/noise ratio: 68 dB.
Audio out channel decompression: 90 dB.
Balanced analog Output: TRS 1/4' Balanced out (stereo)
Balanced analog Input: TRS 1/4' Balanced in (stereo)
Audio In: Phonejack Stereo Line in (stereo)
Audio Out: Phonejack Stereo Line out (stereo)

In the Box

4 x Jack - XLR Balanced Cables
1 x Data Cable (to connect Stream Alpha Plus PCI-E card)