StreamLabs WIND SDI 2 Playout Card with SDK

StreamLabs WIND SDI 2 Playout Card with SDK
PCI-card for overlay and output of computer graphics

Stream Wind SDI II is a PCI-card for overlay and output of computer graphics. It can be used as a basis for creation of on-air graphic design systems (CG-systems) and broadcasting video servers.

Compatible Software:
- Alpha Pro 2.0
- TELE 2.2
- TELE 2.2 Info
- Title Box


- Works with 8 and 10-bit component serial SDI signal, in accordance with CCIR656 and SMPTE259m recommendations. SDI embedded sound support. Automatic activation of video signal relay bypass mode upon computer power loss;

- Synchronization from input SDI signal or analog Black burst (Composite) signal. When external synchronization is lacking internal synchronizing generator is applied;

- Digital key signal (alpha-channel) output for use with external mixer that has a DSK (Down Stream Key) input. Key signal delay relative to output graphics has a software controlled wide adjustments range;

- 8-channels (4 stereo pairs) SDI Embedded audio input/output;

- When SDI signal passes through the card all the service information is saved, sound can be either kept or changed depending on the situation;

- Error control in incoming SDI signals with check total count according to EDH method. EDH packets on the output are formed anew in accordance with SMPTE165 recommendation.

In the Box

- Stream WIND SDI 2 Board
- SDK (Software Development Kit)


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