Hylow XZ-400D Studio Flash

by Hylow
Hylow XZ-400D Studio Flash


Stored energy (W.S) 400
Guide number GN62
AC Voltage 220V-240V50HZ
Color Temp 5300K-5600K
Flash duration (t=0.5s) 1/700-1/1700
Thermal cut-off capacitor Yes
Flash angle 55o
Flash Output Range 1.0-6.0 (6 stop) 1/32 to full
Recharging Time 0.4-1.8sec
Modeling Lamp Halogen 150W
Ready Charge LED Light (Green Off)/ BUZZER
Over Temperature Warning O.T (Red LED)
Flash Trigger Method Infra-red trigger/ flash sync/ Sync Cord/ test button
Mode for modeling lamp 1.Off 2.Adjustable 3.Full
Power Dump Auto Discharging, Digital display screen will blink
Cooling fan No
Sync. Voltage DC6V
Size (W x L x H) 416X210X182mm

In the Box

1 x 5m sync lead
1 x 5m power lead
1 x 150W halogen bulb
1 x safeguard cap