StreamLabs ICE SL1AV Playout Server

StreamLabs ICE SL1AV Playout Server
Stream ICE SL1AV Video Server has a vast spectrum of performance capabilities.


Automatic, scheduled video material on-air playback with a large number of functions for editing the displayed playlist and the events it contains, including clip trimming, deleting, inserting, moving the lines, emergency triggering of every schedule element, cyclic playback of clips and playlists.

Creating and displaying multilayered graphic compositions in playlists, import and export of media data via network. Server management locally and via network from client workstations. Overlaying unlimited number of 32-bit graphic layers, video with alpha-channel, "live" video over pass-through signal, forming Fill and Key signals, 2D DVE and clock output.

Compact and cost-effective solution for text and graphics design of broadcasted video material, inserting regional commercials, personalized items and full broadcast automation.

4 Hot Swap hard drives and RAID 5 support provide sufficient volume for video data storage, as well as give extra reliability for this solution.

STREAM ICE SL1AV hardware is an efficient PC-based computer platform and Stream ALPHA Plus PCI-E professional graphics overlay card with an additional Stream Audio Pro audio module.


STREAM ICE SL1AV server configuration and specifications (Intel Xeon 5504 (4M Cache, 2.00 GHz), 2G DDR3 1333 ECC REG, HDD 500Gb+2Tb, DVD, VGA Aspeed AST2050, RAID(0,1,5,10), 2*Gigabit Lan)

- Size: 1U (WxHxD - 436 x 43,6 x 568 mm)

- Number of hard disk modules / Disk type: 4 Hot Swap / SATA II

- Number of power supply units, power: 1 / 400 watt

- Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Pro

- Input-output card type: Stream ALPHA Plus PCI-E with additional Stream Audio Pro audio module

- Software version: TELE 2.2 Info

- Video input/output signal types:
Inputs (1,0 v / 75 Ohm): Composite PAL/SECAM/NTSC; S-video: PAL, SECAM, NTSC
Outputs (1,0 v / 75 Ohm): Composite: PAL/SECAM/NTSC; S-video: PAL, SECAM, NTSC; Component YUV; Analog linear key DSK signal alpha-channel output with sync pulse (BNC)

- Audio input/output signal types:
Inputs: Balanced analog, Line Audio (Stereo)
Outputs: Balanced analog, Line Audio (Stereo)

In the Box

Server 1U RACK Stream ICE SL1AV
Power cable

Stream ALPHA Plus PCI-E
Breakout Cable YUV+Key
Stream Audio card

TELE 2.2 INFO software
USB software protection dongle
CD-disk with software and demo
Software user manual in hard copy and on CD-disk in PDF-format


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