Panasonic AW-E350 Multi Purpose Convertible Camera PAL

Panasonic AW-E350 Multi Purpose Convertible Camera PAL
Featuring high sensitivity and three high resolution 1/3" CCD imagers, the AW-E350 has a dynamic range of 400% and a digital extender of X1.5.


850 lines resolution
F9.5 at 2000 lux
.015 mimimum illumination
65 dB (NTSC), 63 dB (PAL) S/N
12 vector color matrix masking for fine color adjustment
SMPTE color bars
RS-232C interface
Exclusive clean 3D Digital Noise Reduction technology produces super crisp images


Image elements: 1/3" IT type 3-CCD
Total elements: Approx.410,000<470,000>
Effective elements: Approx.380,000<440,000>
Imaging area:
(equivalent to 1/3")
Scanning System: 2:1 interlaced NTSC system<2:1 interlaced PAL system>
Scanning Frequency: Horizontal=15.734kHz,Vertical=59.94Hz
Lens mount: 1/3"C Mount
Optical Filter: None
Synchronize system: Internal/external synchronization
Standard Illumination: 2000lx, F9.5
Minimum Illumination:
0.015lx (F1.4)
0.00015lx (F1.4) *2
Signal-to-noise Ratio:
65dB (DNR on)
<63dB (DNR on)>
Horizontal Resolution: 850lines
Registration: 0.05%
Image Enhancer: Horizontal/vertical
White Balance: A/B 2 memory AWC,ATW
Black Balance: Self-adjusting
Color Bar: SMPTE color bar(setup 0/7.5IRE)
Shutter Speed: OFF,1/100<1/120>,1/250,1/500,1/1000,1/2000,1/4000,1/10000 Synchro-scan ELC
Manual: max. 72dB (0~30dB in steps, Night Eye/H, Digital Gain 0~30dB in 6dB steps)
Auto: max. 42dB (AGC 0~30dB, Night Eye/H)
Iris: Auto (Manual by RCU control)
Video Output:
Composite:1 Vp-p/75 (BNC, 50P connector) YC:Y 1 Vp-p,C 0.286Vp-p<0.3Vp-p>(50P connector)
Component:Y 1.0Vp-p,Pr/Pb 0.7Vp-p, RGB 0.7Vp-p/75 Ohm (50P connector)
Power: DC 12V
Power Consumption: Approx.11.3W
Operating Temperature: 14oF-113oF(-10oC-+45oC)
Weight: Approx.1.5lbs (0.7kg)
Dimensions: 3-5/16" X 3-1/32" X 6-1/8" (84W X 77H X 156D mm)