Canopus HD Expansion Kit for Edius NX

by Canopus
Canopus HD Expansion Kit for Edius NX
HD Video Support
Adding the HD Expansion Kit to your EDIUS NX system gives you support for HD video. As more and more footage is being shot on this format it is important that you be able to work with it in full resolution, making this upgrade an excellent way to extend the life of your EDIUS NX system.

FireWire Controller
The on-board OHCI-compliant FireWire controller allows you to digitally capture video from HDV cameras and decks. You can even use the Expansion Kit to use your EDIUS NX as an ADVC from any Windows-based editing software program that supports OHCI, giving you extreme flexibility in how you integrate HD video with into your workflow.

In the Box

PCI Expansion Card
Front Bay Expansion Panel