Sony AC-VQ1050D Charger

by Sony
Sony AC-VQ1050D Charger
Compatible with Sony InfoLITHIUM L batteries
Quick recharge
Includes LCD panel showing battery status
Relay type recharges two batteries
Includes Car battery cord DCC-VQ1
Recharging time (Normal charging time/Full charging time):
F570: 85min/145min F770: 170min/230min F970: 250min/310min
Approx. Size (mm): W123 x H51 x D135
Approx. Weight: 390g


Reviewed by 1 Customers
Rating: 4.0
Review: Sony AC-VQ1050D Charger
Rating: 4.0
By from Perth, Western Australia on
This is a well made, well designed two-battery charger for Sony L series
batteries which gives feedback on charging status of batteries via an LCD
screen. It has adaptors for charging batteries via mains power (110-240 V
AC), a 12 V vehicle adaptor and can be connected directly to a compatible
Sony camcorder. My only criticisms are that it is expensive, quite large
and fairly heavy (>300 grams), and according to the user instructions,
should not be subjected to vibration while in use. If this is a real
problem, I'm not sure how useful the car charger will be...

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