Spinet SKC-LP7 P-LED Camera Light

by Spinet
Spinet SKC-LP7 P-LED Camera Light


Power LED light is designed light weight, tough, compact and very bright.
I have equipped the daylight filter.
All of the Dimmer illuminance adjustment dial, the power supply SW, and DC12V connector can be operated with the left hand.
Two power (DC12V/DV battery) supplies can be used.
The encapsulated LEDs have an extensive life of 10,000 hours and are protected in a sealed scratch and weather resistant lens making the SKC-LP7 maintenance free.
Battery use of each company is possible (SONY, PANASONIC, CANON, JVC).


Power: DC12V & DC7.2V (DV Batteries)
Color Temperature: 5600K
Dimensions:125(W) x 70(H) x 85(D)mm
Weight: 590g (Without Hot Shoe)


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