Fujinon WCV-H85 Wide Conversion Lens

by Fujinon
Fujinon WCV-H85 Wide Conversion Lens
Wide Conversion Lens


This Fujinon WCV-H85 0.8x Wide Angle Converter Lens offers a wide angle coefficient of 0.8x, which provides a 20% wider angle view. This converter lens offers full zoom through capability for your 2/3" format HDTV zoom lens.


Type : Wide angle zoom through converter lens
Application : High definition broadcast cameras
Format : 2/3"
Lens Mount : Clamp-on
Mounting : Mounts to outside of lens barrel
Zoom Through : Yes
Magnification : 0.8x
Converted Focal Length : Not applicable, depends on camera lens
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.): MOD of original lens is decreased
Filter Size : Not specified by manufacturer
Dimensions : Not specified by manufacturer