Digidolly DDK2 Track Dolly System with Stand-on

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Digidolly DDK2 Track Dolly System with Stand-on
The digidolly is the latest in lightweight portable track dolly systems. With its seamless joins, the digidolly allows the operator to enjoy smooth movement along the aluminum track.
There are no tools required to put the Digidolly together. Every component slides together and is held by a single threaded bolt - saving time.


The digidolly comes with a low-level camera mount (100mm bowl), which is already attached to the dolly for your convenience. Different size bowls can be fitted.
The Digidolly features a foam cushioning system that allows the digidolly to be set up anywhere in minutes.
The Digidolly has 3 elastic foot straps which connect to your tripod feet. This ensures your tripod will never come away from the Digidolly.
The track supports, with built in stoppers, keeps the track in line and square. This takes the guesswork out when arranging the track on the ground. The operator can then place the dolly down on the track with speed. The stoppers on the track supports do just that STOP. If there is a decline in the position where you have set up your digidolly, the stoppers will stop the dolly from going of the track. Having the track supports connected means you can pick the track up in its entirety and move to the next location for your next dolly shot; saving more time.


Weight 2 kilograms Structure
Wheels 59mm 79pa inline wheels.
50mm powder coated aluminium tube

Track Size 1000mm lengths of 32mm round anodized aluminium
Solid aluminium male and female threaded plug ends
Weight 489 grams per meter length

Support straps
1 x 750mm long, 25mm wide fitted with a D ring and clip buckle.
1 x 1700mm long, 25mm wide and fitted with a clip buckle.

Track supports with stoppers
Weight 248 grams, Length 650mm

In the Box

The Digidolly Kit

1 x T-Bar dolly with fixed Hi-Hat
8 x aluminium track, 1000mm lengths
1 x tripod tie down strap
2 x track separators with stoppers
3 x Foot straps
1 x Soft case
26 foam suspension pads, 300mm lengths

Supplied accessories

The Stand-on Plate
Weight 3.2 kilograms
Structure 50mm powder coated aluminium tube with 3mm chequer plate.
Wheels 59mm 79a inline wheels