Pintek DP-20K Differential Probe 20MHz 20kV

by Pintek
Pintek DP-20K Differential Probe 20MHz 20kV
20KVp-p/20MHz , Very High Voltage and Very High Frequency
X300, X600, X1500, X3000, 4 Range Selector.
100M Ohm // 1.3PF, Very High Ri and very Low Ci
Separating Design (Patent No. 114205) Convenient, Durable.
Combine With PL-10 to obtain more Accurate Measurement from DMM.


In the Box

Pintek BP-250 BNC to BNC Cable
Pintek BP-276N Alligator Clip (set 2 pcs)
Pintek BP-266 High Voltage IC Clip (set 2 pcs)
Pintek BP-366 Banana to Banana High Voltage Cable (set 2 pcs)
Pintek BP-286 Test Leader (set 2 pcs)
Power Adaptor
Operation Manual


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