StreamLabs WIND SDI with ALPHA Pro Software

StreamLabs WIND SDI with ALPHA Pro Software
Stream WIND SDI card is designed to output computer graphics and embedded audio to the mixer or to the recording system. The board has SD-SDI output conformed to SMPTE259M standard.

The card operates in external synchronization mode, using analogue reference. If external reference is missing, internal generator is used.

A special SDI key signal output (alpha channel) is provided to use above mentioned devices together with external mixer having DSK input (Down Stream Key). Card setup program allows setting positive or negative key signal delay regarding output graphics within wide range.

The buffer size of video card memory for computer graphics output is 720x480 - for 60 Hz. Each pixel has 32-bit resolution, where 24 bit is used for color (16 million gradations), and 8 bit to set up one of 256 transparency levels (alpha channel).

The memory used for graphics buffer and PCI-bus bandwidth in modern computers enables real time refreshing of its entire content without loss of frames, transmitting uncompressed image (32 bit/pixel) together with the embedded audio.

Video buffer
updating rate: 90 Mb/sec.


Character Generation program Alpha Pro 2.0, which operates in Windows 2000/XP/7 environment, is designed for titling, creating interactive programs, telephone voting on-air, displaying blocks of commercials, and design of live television programs, such as: news, weather forecasts, sports reports, talk shows, etc. Alpha Pro 2.0 combines many years of engineering experience and current professional video production requirements.

Concerning the possibilities of artistic design, the limit is only the artist's imagination; any fonts, three-dimensional shadows, semitransparent masks, textures, complex multilayer compositions, animation, etc. can be employed.

Program features:

- TV-program titling while editing or on the air, manually or in automatic mode;
- Text and graphic information display in form of crawl and roll;
- TV-channel / program static or dynamic logo display;
- Automated time or temperature display;
- Telephone voting results broadcast;
- Any kind of analog or digital clocks generation and display;
- Informational and graphic design of interactive talk-shows, news and sports reports;
- Animations and logos playback;
- Cyclic playback of scripts;
- Multi-layered graphic windows for incoming information display.

High quality and ease of Character Generation:

- Using all available Windows TrueType fonts;
- Symbols and tickers design with complex 3D-shades, borders, outlines and borders;
- Using text processors and graphic editing programs principles;
- Fonts with random direction gradients, textures including images in JPEG, BMP and TGA 32-bit formats;
- Anti-aliasing broadcasting rasterization quality;
- Line interlacing flicker filter;
- Placing logos as symbols in crawls;
- Using 16.7 million colours and 256 transparency levels to fill any page element.

Usability and efficiency:

- Edit and hold in readiness several scripts simultaneously;
- Classical Windows program interface and WISIWYG mode;
- Instant title output by using prepared scripts (templates).

Wide range of linear effects:

Script consists of an unlimited number of pages; every page has a video effect assigned to it.

Alpha Pro 2.0 uses the following effects:

- Vertical Roll - text that runs vertically from bottom to top;
- Horizontal Crawl - "endless" page of random height and length that runs horizontally from left to right;
- Reveal Up / Reveal Left - horizontal and vertical slide-ins;
- Animated logos and clips playback as an individual effect, or as a part of titles block;
- Fade In / Fade Out / Cross Fade - smooth transition effects;
- Zoom - scaling effect;
- Near 300 kinds of Wipes with transition softness settings.

All effects can be displayed on full screen or in any specified rectangular area. All effects have speed, duration, delay, timing or external events control settings.

Extended program features:

Alpha Pro 2.0 supports objects control from external applications, including programs developed by the user. These programs can use VBA scripts from Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel and Access scripts, Visual Basic based programs, Web-page, which contain VBScript, and also Delphi Visual C++ based programs.

This method allows to eliminate all possible accidents in on-air broadcasting, while leaving only the necessary functions. While writing the script in a precise way and preparing the templates, the user can rigorously specify the design style and effects. This way the user gets a custom "control panel" without irrelevant and distracting control elements.

Program design is put together in a form of a template. Operational data is placed into the template directly at the time of output. This helps to use the current system in the design of on-air sports transmissions, game shows, etc. The same approach allows to broadcast telephone votes, SMS-chats, etc.


Recommended computer configuration:

- Computer IBM PC on Intel processor: Pentium D or Pentium Core 2 DUO;
- Not less than 512 Mb of main memory;
- At least 50 Mb of free space on hard drive;
- Operating system Windows XP/7. Any graphical working mode in Windows environment with resolution 1024x768 pixels High Color (16 bit) and more.

PCI bus: PCI 33/66 MHz
Inputs: reference analog input - 0,3 v / 75 Om
Outputs: Composite Preview - 1,0 v / 75 Om;
SD-SDI FILL (SMPTE259M standard);
SD-SDI KEY (SMPTE259M standard);
Resolution: 720x576 (720x480 for 60 Hz systems), 32 bit; YUV+Key 4:4:4:4,
RGB+Key 4:4:4:4 or 16 bit YUV 4:2:2.


In the Box

- Stream WIND SDI Board;
- USB software protection dongle;
- CD-disk with software and demo;
- Software user manual in hard copy and on CD-disk in PDF-format.


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