StreamLabs WIND SDI Playout Card with SDK

StreamLabs WIND SDI Playout Card with SDK
Stream WIND SDI card is designed to output computer graphics and embedded audio to the mixer or to the recording system. The board has SD-SDI output conformed to SMPTE259M standard.

The card operates in external synchronization mode, using analogue reference. If external reference is missing, internal generator is used.

A special SDI key signal output (alpha channel) is provided to use above mentioned devices together with external mixer having DSK input (Down Stream Key). Card setup program allows setting positive or negative key signal delay regarding output graphics within wide range.

The buffer size of video card memory for computer graphics output is 720x480 - for 60 Hz. Each pixel has 32-bit resolution, where 24 bit is used for color (16 million gradations), and 8 bit to set up one of 256 transparency levels (alpha channel).

The memory used for graphics buffer and PCI-bus bandwidth in modern computers enables real time refreshing of its entire content without loss of frames, transmitting uncompressed image (32 bit/pixel) together with the embedded audio.


PCI bus: PCI 33/66 MHz
Inputs: reference analog input - 0,3 v / 75 Om
Outputs: Composite Preview - 1,0 v / 75 Om;
SD-SDI FILL (SMPTE259M standard);
SD-SDI KEY (SMPTE259M standard);
Resolution: 720x576 (720x480 for 60 Hz systems), 32 bit; YUV+Key 4:4:4:4,
RGB+Key 4:4:4:4 or 16 bit YUV 4:2:2.

Video buffer
updating rate: 90 Mb/sec.

Compatible Software:
- Alpha Pro 2.0
- TELE 2.2
- TELE 2.2 Info
- Title Box


In the Box

- Stream WIND SDI Board
- SDK (Software Development Kit)


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