Datavideo RMC-140 Preview Output

Datavideo RMC-140 Preview Output
Designed specifically for the SE-800, the RMC-140 provides four different combinations of preview that include Quad, POP, PIP and Next. It provides 15 pin and 4 x 3.5mm tally light outputs. With Datavideo 50 metre tally cable (CB-1) and tally adapter TD-1), you can easily supply tally information to the camera crew, even with general DV camcorders. Also can be used independently (No SE-800 needed) to give Quad Display Output. (If no Tally information is connected to the RMC-140, no Tally information is displayed on screen).


Monitor Output:
- Quad
- Next

Tally Light Output

Composite Input / Output

In the Box

* 4 x Camera Tally Lights
* 4 x 1.2M Tally Light Cables (Male-Male)
* 1 x RS232 cable
* AC/DC Power Adapter