Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom System

Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom System
In the production studio, good communication between the director, cameraman, lighting and control room is essential to produce a polished end result.
The Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom System provides 8-Way talkback and tally indicators. The director can select to talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously. High S/N ratio and full duplex design makes the communication crisp and clear.
The ITC-100 is a standard 19"/1U rack design, so it is easy to integrate into any rack system for using in the field or studio.
ITC-100 includes 4 ITC-100SL Belt Packs.


- Industry Standard 19"/1U rack design, for easy integration
- Supports 8-Way Intercom
- Full Duplex design with additional external earphone and microphone interface
- Bi-colour tally light indicator *
- Selectable channel talk, broadcast to all or mute.
- Half-Duplex design for ITC-100SL to eliminate the environmental noise
- Enables communication between the camera crew
- Communication distance up to 200 meters
- Supplied complete with Gooseneck Microphone and Light

* When ITC-100 used with SE-800, RMC-140 or RMC-90 required to enable Tally Light feature

In the Box

4 x ITC100SL Slave Unit
4 x ITC100SL Carry Case
4 x 20m XLR to XLR Intercom Cable
4 x MC1 Headset / Microphone
1 x MC2 XLR Gooseneck Mic
1 x LP1 XLR Gooseneck Light
12V 2.5A Power Supply Unit
AC Power cord


Reviewed by 2 Customers
Rating: 1.0
Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom System
Rating: 1.0
By from Amsterdam on
I can confirm the noise gate, and is annoying. Also, proper earthing (separate lead) is required for hum-free audio. Would not recommend it, despite the lower price point.
Expensive Paperweight
Rating: 1.0
By from Sydney on
This item is next to useless for live corporate shows where the users are in the room where the event is taking place. There is an audio gate on this product that results in choppy audio. Why have a gate on a PTT product? Stupid.