Datavideo MS-800 Mobile Video Studio PAL

Datavideo MS-800 Mobile Video Studio PAL
At the heart of the MS-800 lies the SE-800 4 channel DV / analog audio video switcher. The SE-800 allows four channels of digital or analogue video and up to six channels of audio to be mixed / switched.
The whole system is fully integrated with the ITC-100 for talkback / intercom, RMC-140 for next source pre-view and tally display, TLM-404 for input monitoring and TLM-702 for next source and main output monitoring. One box solution for "live in seconds" at any Conference, Studio, Outside Broadcast or Internet Streaming. Output options include: Component (Y.U.V) which could be connected to a DVD recorder or projector, DV which could be connected to a DN-300 HDD DV recorder or a DV Deck and SDI.


* Bespoke sliding shelf designed for SE-800
* Anti shock padding protects the MS-800 during transit
* Transit lock of the SE-800 to avoid transit problems
* Securing the SE-800 during transport and operation, while maintaining access to headphone and microphone
* MS-800 is fully integrated with cable loom and power distribution
* Easy access to internal cable loom and storage for additional cabling during transport is made easy with the quick release pivoting back panel

In the Box

* SE-800DV switcher
* TLM-404H quad-screen monitor
* TLM-702 dual-screen monitor
* ITC-100 intercom kit with belt packs, headsets and cables for 4 users
* DN-500 DV/HDV HDD Recorder
* PD-1 power distributor
* RP-1 component/composite input rear panel
* RP-4 rear tally output panel with 4 tally lights
* RP-6 rear panel with intercom and SDI-out/SDI overlay I/O
* RP-9 pull-out tray for SE-800
* 2x RP-11 3U cover panel
* 2x RP-12 1U cover panel
* RP-13 cable set
* RP-26 digital and analog video panel
* 4x CA2066
* 4x CA64
* CCS-M1 aluminum case


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