Datavideo MS-500 Mobile Video Studio PAL

Datavideo MS-500 Mobile Video Studio PAL
The Datavideo MS-500 is a one box solution designed around the SE-500 4-channel vision switcher. The MS-500 system is both flexible and affordable, with specifications that can meet any budget or demand and is perfect for applications within education, places of worship, internet streaming, event & live staging conferences and many more. The whole system is fully integrated with the ITC-100 for talkback / intercom, TLM-702 for SE-500 unique quad preview, next source and main output monitoring.
Easy setup & break down on location. One box solution for "live in seconds" at any Conference, Studio, Outside Broadcast or Internet Streaming. Output options include: Component (Y.U.V) which could be connected to a DVD recorder or projector.


* One Box Solution
* Live In Minutes
* Extensive Rear Panel for easy connection

In the Box

* SE-500 Switcher
* One TLM-702 dual 7" monitor unit
* TB-5 tally box with 4 tally lights
* ITC-100 intercom system with 4 belt packs, headsets, and tally lights
* RP-10 lockable pull-out shelf for the SE-500 mixer
* PD-1 power distributor
* Aluminum case


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