Datavideo SE-500 4-channel Analogue Video Mixer PAL

Datavideo SE-500 4-channel Analogue Video Mixer PAL
4-Channel Video Switcher (CV & Y/C input, Quad Monitoring and Preview output).


4 Channel Analogue Vision Mixer
S-Video (Y/C) or Composite Video Inputs
Component YUV / S-Video (Y/C) / 2 x Composite Video Outputs
1 x Stereo (Unbalanced)
2 x Microphone Inputs
Stereo (Unbalanced) Output
Quad View display output
Tally Display
Preview output
Smooth T-bar Control
4 channel TBC 4:2:2 Frame Synchroniser
Tally Light Output


Video : System PAL 625
Audio :
Unbalanced Audio on RCA input
Two Mic inputs on Phono connectors

Input and Output Connectors -
Video In :
Composite Video x4, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on BNC connectors
S-Video x4, on 4-Pin Connectors

Audio In :
Unbalanced Stereo Audio, on RCA connectors
Mic Input x2, on 1/4" connectors

Video Out :
Composite Video x2, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on BNC connectors
S-Video, on 4-Pin Connectors
Component Video, derived from Composite and Y/C using a breakout cable
Preview Output, Sub Sources or Effect, on a BNC connector

Audio Out :
Unbalanced Stereo Audio, on RCA connectors
MIDI : In and Out, on a Midi connector

Power Requirements : 12 VDC on a Universal Power Adapter
Power Consumption : Not Specified by Manufacturer
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 40 x 26.5 x 8.3cm (15.75 x 10.5 x 3.25 in)
Weight : 5.5 kg (13.8 lbs)

In the Box

2 x BNC to RCA 1.2m cable
1 x S-Video 1.2m Cable
1 x YUV Breakout cable (BNC x 3 to S(Y/C)+BNC cable) 1.2m
1 x RCA to RCA stereo cable 1.5m
2 x BNC to RCA connector
1 x AC/DC Switching adapter
Datavideo SE-500 Manual


Reviewed by 3 Customers
Rating: 4.5
Datavideo SE-500 4-channel Analogue Video Mixer PAL
Rating: 5.0
I am a Journalist since last 19 years.I have a video and Audio studio also.Before 2 years I brought a Data Video SE-500 switcher for my studio purpose.
In one sentence: 'It is efficient,eminent and exembleric"
Especially,its peculiar thing is "no any signal quality".What input we give,the same output will give .
I love it so much.
v.good one se500
Rating: 5.0
By from male' Maldives on
datavideo se500 is Excellent one. I am use es500 very good & easy
for live event coverage.I am mauzoom from Maldives. my studio is Mauzoom Studio.
Rating: 4.0
By from zambia on
I am a professional teelevision producer. Brian Chibesa asked me to write
this review since after purchasing it, I m the one using it. I find it
very adequate for our mobile production outfit. Our products are
basically drama rarely needing more than two cameras at a given time. But
we have also tried to cover a live gathering on all four channels and the
results were excellent. The Quad Preview monitoring provided perfect
control of the master output signal. But our appreciation mostly goes to
Globalmediapro for the professional and effecient handilng of the order.
We had anticipated trouble when we read some postings about your service.
But you came around strong and proved all that vibe compeletely
misplaced. Keep it up. Chala Tumelo for Brian Chibesa

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