Geron Tempress Hot Foiling Conversion

by Geron
Geron Tempress Hot Foiling Conversion
The Tempress is a compact high-tech device that can easily be attached to either a Heidelberg model T or model GT platen. (the unit sold here is for the T model).

In just a few minutes your platen can be converted into a modern hot foil stamping end embossing machine for hot foil jobs, such as greeting cards, invitations and printing labels.

The machine has programmable foil pulls.

Heating management.

Touch screen control.


Model: MC 1 fur Tiegel 26 x 38 cm MC 2 fuor GT 34 x 46 cm

foil transport: 0-23 cm 0-32cm
length of foil: 61 m 122 m
heating: max 2000 C max2000 C
heating area: 22 x 28 cm 44 x 28 cm
stamp area: 22 x 26 cm 44 x 26 cm
power: 220 V, 1.400 W 220 V, 2.800 W