Globalmediapro T-202 PC-HDTV Test Pattern Generator

Globalmediapro T-202 PC-HDTV Test Pattern Generator

The T-202 is high performance PC/HDTV test pattern generator that provides over 20 most-often-used test patterns that can be used as an industrial-standard signal source for testing, broadcasting and troubleshooting.

It is ideal for use with LCD, PDP, CRT monitors or projectors that equipped with PC or DVI input.


The output format is analog RGBHV/YPbPr via HD-15 VGA connector.

Provides a wide range of PC/HDTV output resolutions.

Generates 27 test patterns including most useful test patterns in Video/PC industry, such as Color bar, Multiburst, Circle, Crosshatch.....

OSD indicates output resolution and refresh rate.

Output can be reset to one of the two factory default modes : 1024x768 or 720p.

Selectable output refresh rate up to 85 Hz.

Compact size, sturdy metal case.

Easy to operate push buttons.