Cypress CDM-640 Digital Multi-Scan Converter

by Cypress
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Cypress CDM-640 Digital Multi-Scan Converter

The CDM-640 converts any video system to any other video systems and PC system as well.


When converting PAL(50Hz) to PC mode, its frame rate is converted to 60 Hz, to ensure vertical frequency is compatible with some 60 Hz-only LCD-display monitors.

Input video system is automatically detected.

Digital conversion from input TV signals of NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL M, PAL N , SECAM to output signals of NTSC3.58,NTSC4.43,PAL,PAL M, PAL N, plus PC(640x480)60Hz, (800x600)60Hz,(1024x768)60Hz.

8-bit Broadcast Quality Colour Decoding.

Easy touch button for input and output system selection and picture adjustment.

Digital comb filter for input video decoding.

Built-in Time Base Correction (T.B.C.) function for signal synchronization.

Built-in Automatic Gain Control (A.G.C.) function ensures 1 Vp-p output signal (Input level can range from 0.5Vp-p to 2 Vp-p).

Full digital decoding and encoding; highly integrated digital processing reduces the board size and ensures reliable quality.

A colour-bar pattern will automatically appear on TV screen when there is no video signal present on the input.

TBC is set to active at all time, even in the bypass mode.

Adjustable control on contrast, brightness, colour, tint and Horizontal/Vertical phase.

Innovative image processing circuitry ensures outstanding colour, motion and picture detail.



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