Globalmediapro DC488 Li-ion Battery 65Wh with DC

Globalmediapro DC488 Li-ion Battery 65Wh with DC
Battery pack (8800mAh) with in-built DC connector to power on-camera light
Reliable, high quality battery for professional camcorders
2.3 times higher capacity than JVC BN-V438U
4-level LED power indicator
High power draw
No memory effect
Will work with GY-HD100, GY-HD101, GY-HD111 and some other camcorders


Outstanding Quality!
To ensure our customers always receive the latest models and eliminate any storage time that can reduce battery lifespan, Globalmediapro batteries are shipped directly from the manufacturer to customers.

Returned batteries are directed to our engineering team, where they investigate and refine the product, leading to an improved version. With years of dedicated development, we are confident that our products represent the highest quality on the market.


Cell type : Lithium Ion
Capacity : 8800mAh
Nominal voltage : 7.4V
Output voltage of DC Connector : 7.4V (DC Jack (Male), 3.5mm OD, 1.3mm ID)
Power limit including DC Connector : 40W
End voltage : 6.0V
Charge current : 1.76A
Quick charge : 4.4A
Charge voltage : 8.4V
Operating Temperature Range :
- Charging 0 to 45oC (32 to 113oF)
- Discharging -20 to 60oC (-4 to 140oF)
Charging : CC/CV model, relative voltage 8.4V, relative current 0.2C, end current 0.01C
Discharging : relative current 0.2C, end voltage 6.0V
RH : 45% - 75%
Internal resistance : less than 150 mOhm
Dimensions : 67.9 x 38.7 x 91.6 mm (2.67 x 1.52 x 3.61 in)
Weight : 367g (0.81 lbs)

Charging time :
270 minutes with Globalmediapro SCQ2-DC-J charger
480 minutes with Globalmediapro SC1-DV-J charger


Reviewed by 8 Customers
Rating: 5.0
Awesome so far
Rating: 5.0
By from Phoenix AZ on
I am writing this just to let everybody know they shipped this out so quickly. I ordered this last Thursday and I got it today (in Phoenix). Just amazing.
Excellent product, fast shippment
Rating: 5.0
By from Croatia on
Just tried battery which I've received yesterday. It's the only alternative to expensive bricks. After 2 hours of filming in cold morning - still enough power left. Some reviewers are mentioning power tap which my battery doesn't have and it's not an issue since i'm using LED light with AA's. However, capacity indicator is very good thing to have around. Shipping to Croatia was just 2 days which is awesome. Battery was properly packaged and protected for transport. Good product, great service. Thank You!
Rating: 5.0
By from Greece on
I am very happy with my choice ! Before i by this item i used the jvc 428u batteries and i was very dissapointed because i have - in the best case - 30 minutes recording time.
Now i try my new battery and the recording time was about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
A must have
Rating: 5.0
By from Ireland on
All I can say that is if you own JVC ProHD (Gy-HD111e etc) cameras then you will need at least one of these as the stock batteries as next to useless after a few months. The expensive route of the bigger power systems isn't really necessary with this battery around. I'm getting 3+ hours off one charge..enough for any ENG shoot. I also like the way the weight balances up the camera too.
I'll be back for a few more.
Perfect Batterypack.
Rating: 5.0
By from Germany on
The best alternative for IDX or AB Batteries. Excellent condition and
quality! Fast shippment.
Great Affordable Solution
Rating: 5.0
By from Brattleboro, Vermont, USA on
I bought four of these batteries when I read about them on in
a forum posting. For what I paid for these batteries, the charger, and
the wire charge fee from my bank to send money to Globalmediapro's bank
and have them shipped to me in the U.S., I still spent 1/3 what I would
have for AB packs. I highly recommend these batteries. I have a a JVC
GY-HD110u camera that loves the juice and comes with a measly 40 minute
proprietary battery. Who the hell shoots for that time? I also bought the
60 minute JVC battery and that cost close to $170 without tax at B&H in
New York. These batteries work and don't require an adapter. n.b. I have
not used the dc tap on the batteries, but will likely be getting a shoe
mount light, and will plug it in there. As it is now, I get at least 2.5
-3 hours camera time per battery (combined viewfinder and lcd panel use)
and even playback on these babies. They also have an external power
indicator on the back of each battery.I highly recommend them.
A very good alternative for AB or IDX...
Rating: 5.0
By from Germany on
I read reviews about the DC488 in any Reviews at DVInfo, etc. As
fallowing i bought this Packs and the Dual Battery Extender SWIT S-4010J,
and i'm happy with these. My GY-HD110 runs 2-3 hours in normal camera-
and record-process. Now i´ve 2 packs on the Swit and the balance is very
good on shoulder, like idx or anton bauer. The shipping time to germany
was fast, only 2 days. Great Product, Great Price, Great Dealer!
Great product and cost effective!
Rating: 5.0
By from Sydney, Australia on
I bought this with a bit of hesitation because it was so much cheaper
than going for the AB or IDX battery solutions. I'm glad I went with
these batterties because they provide at least 4hrs of power to my JVC
GY-HD101E with the LCD open. Great product! Great price!

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