BeachTek DXA-FX Microphone Adapter

BeachTek DXA-FX Microphone Adapter
Designed for the Sony HDR-FX1/FX1E HDV camcorder. Ideal front end with two balanced XLR inputs, variable gain control, low noise preamplifiers and fast acting limiters.

Preamplifiers boost the audio from even low output dynamic type microphones for a strong, clear signal. The no fuss limiters on each channel eliminate distortion caused by overly hot inputs for great sound every time. Limit indicating LED is ensure proper gain setting for very fast and easy setup. Operates on one 9 volt battery and replacement is a snap with the slide out drawer.


Designed to fit the FX1 perfectly
Two balanced XLR inputs
Dual low noise preamplifiers
Dual limiters with LED indicators
Operates on one 9 volt battery
Low current draw for extended battery life
Superb sound


Adjustable from -10 dB to +15 dB

Frequency response:
20 Hz to 20 KHz, +/-3 dB (limiter on)

Output noise level:
less than -80 dBu

Input level before clipping:
+1.5 dBu (min gain with limiter on)
-27 dBu (max gain with limiter on)

Maximum output level :
-30 dBu (limiter off)
-36 dBu (limiter on)

Battery type / duration:
One standard 9 volt alkaline battery
10 hours typical
LED battery indicator

Current draw:
35 mA typical

Case: Powder coated aluminum

Dimensions: 5.25" L x 2.5" W x 1.25" H

Weight: 16 oz.



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