Sony CCU-TX50P Camera Control Unit PAL

by Sony
Sony CCU-TX50P Camera Control Unit PAL
Camera control unit for Sony DXC-DXX Series digital cameras with CA-TX50P camera adaptor.
Maximum cable length from the camcorder to the CCU-TX50P is 1500m.


Wideband transmission (10 MHz for Y and 4.5 MHz for R-Y/B-Y)
High-quality analog component video transmission
Long-distance transmission (ex. 1500 m via a 14.5 mm cable)
Compact design - half rack width and 3U height
Wide range of advanced control functions
Compatibility with the RCP-D50 and RCP-D51 Remote Control Panels
SDI outputs
Two composite outputs, two component outputs (Y/R-Y/B-Y, R/G/B or Y/C)
Two inputs for return video (BNC type)
Teleprompter support
Red/Green tally indication
Support for major intercom systems (two-wire/four-wire/RTS/Clearcom)
Program audio input
Two-channel microphone system (two XLR connectors)


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