BeachTek DXA-6 Microphone Adapter

BeachTek DXA-6 Microphone Adapter
The DXA-6 allows consumer camcorders to use phantom powered condenser microphones.


Two Balanced XLR Inputs for Stereo Recording
Dual 48 Volt Phantom Power Supplies for Professional Mics
Auxiliary Mini-Jack on Right Channel for Wireless Mics
Dual MIC/LINE Level Switches for Versatility
Dual Drift Free Trim Controls for Reliable Operation
MONO/STEREO Switch for Single Input Recording
Low Noise Transformers for Superb Sound
Uses One Standard 9 Volt Battery
LED Battery Power Indicator


Two transformer balanced XLR connectors
Auxiliary unbalanced mini-jack for right input

Unbalanced stereo right angle mini-plug

Input Level:
MIC setting: -60dBu
LINE setting: -10dBu

Output Level:
Mic level

Adjustable from unity to zero output in 10 steps

Phantom Power:
Dual regulated 48 volt power supplies
Current to 14mA (direct short)

Battery Type:
One standard 9 volt alkaline battery
LED battery indicator

Battery Duration:
4 hours continuous use - typical

Case: Aluminum

Case Finish: Flat black

Dimensions: 5.25" L x 3.5" W x 1.25" H

Weight: 16 oz



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