StreamLabs TPG-8-D Test Pattern Generator

StreamLabs TPG-8-D Test Pattern Generator

TPG-8D is a compact, portable device with extreme usability, designed to generate test video signals based on test patterns or other static video images stored in the device memory.

TPG-8D can be used to assess resolution, dynamic range, colour rendition in video monitors, digital video recorders, digital video security, TV, cable video systems and nonlinear editing systems after digitisation and compression.

TPG-8D forms test patterns via USB-interface and stores them in its memory.

Special edition of test pattern generator TPG-8D is available for up-to-date TV studios procedures with SDI format.

Test Pattern Generator TPG-8D can be used to:

- Assess the video monitors rendering quality, including video-frequency band; video monitor linearity, gamma correction, optimal contrast ratio and brightness;

- Measure the recording and playback speed in digital video monitors, network video servers and computer video surveillance systems;

- Control the signal quality of long cable commutation (adjust wave impedance parameters, far-end echoes, etc.);

- Monitor the recording and playback qualities of video recorders and other devices for analog transmission and playback;

- Evaluate vertical and horizontal image resolution, dynamic range and colour rendition after image digitisation under various standards (JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Wavelet, JPEG 2000, etc.) and compression levels;

- Estimate geometric distortions after video image digitisation;

- Detect video signal dynamic range and level.


TPG-8D can use any dynamic logo 100x100 pixels with 50 frames (PAL) or 60 frames (NTSC) as a test pattern.

TPG-8D comes with a test logo in shape of a white circle divided into 25 (or 30) sectors with 50 (or 60) frames. Each sector is coloured red for even frames and black for uneven frames. When the logo is displayed, it shows a ray, which "runs" over the circle and changes colour twice within each sector.

This dynamic test logo allows to estimate the frame record speed and frame display rate in digital video recorders and surveillance systems. It helps to obtain the true, correct number of lost frames in digital frame relay and encoding/decoding process.


Video Outputs - S-Video, Composite and YUV.

Eight video image test patterns or static video images, graphics.

Test images are loaded through USB port.

Switchable output formats PAL and NTSC.

Digital video processing.

Custom level of output video signal, from 0.5V to 2V, with 0.1V resolution.

Power options - external power adapter, USB power or built-in three NiMH AA type batteries (6 hours operation).

Auto charge of batteries from USB or external power adapter.

Size: 190x77x26 mm. Weight: 270 g.


In the Box

- TPG-8D
- USB cable
- Power adaptor
- CD-disk with software and user manual copy in PDF-format


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