MainConcept MPEG Pro Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro

MainConcept MPEG Pro Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro
MainConcept MPEG Pro is a full-featured MPEG editing solution for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Although Premiere Pro will import MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 material, it does not offer native MPEG editing or smart MPEG rendering. This means that MPEG data needs to be converted to another format (such as DV) for editing, and each frame must be re-rendered even if no changes have been made. And if your target format is MPEG, you will need to convert your finished project back to MPEG.

The MainConcept MPEG Pro plug-in eliminates these limitations and turns MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 editing into a productive, high-quality workflow.


Realtime capture to MPEG from various analog and digital sources. Eliminate rendering time by capturing directly to the format you will be editing.

Support for Sony MICROMV camcorders. Capture directly from MICROMV devices, edit with ease and export back to the camcorder or to other formats.

MPEG import. Import and edit existing MPEG files.

Native MPEG editing with smart rendering. Edit MPEG material without unnecessary rendering - only changed frames are rendered.

The Standard version supports resolutions up to and including DVD quality (PAL 720x576 and NTSC 720x480).

IEEE 1394 output during editing and scrubbing.

DV support. Edit MPEG and DV material with equal ease.

Ultra-fast performance. Edit with up to realtime performance at DVD resolution.

Smart requantizing. Convert material from one MPEG format to another (for example from MICROMV to DVD-compliant MPEG-2) without re-encoding - save time and prevent quality loss.

Premiere Pro includes MainConcept MPEG encoding technology for exporting MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. But the new MPEG Pro plug-in is much more than just an encoder. It gives Premiere a full-featured MPEG editing mode, the ability to capture directly to MPEG, and many more features as described on the left side of this page.