Globalmediapro MCS-5VB Studio Condenser Microphone

Globalmediapro MCS-5VB Studio Condenser Microphone
Professional unidirectional condenser microphone for recording and broadcast.


Element : Pressure Gradient Transducer
Polar Pattern : Unidirectional
Frequency Response : 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity : -36dB +/- 2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Output Impedance : 200Ohm +/- 30% (at 1KHz)
Load Impedance : >=1000Ohm
Self Noise : 15dB A (IEC 581-5)
Max Input SPL : 130dB (at 1KHz=<1% T.H.D)
S/N Ratio : 79dB
Low Frequency Attenuation : 100Hz/oct 12dB
Phantom Power : DC 48V


In the Box

1 x Black Windscreen
1 x Swivel Mount
1 x Carrying Case with Shaped Sponge Insert


Reviewed by 9 Customers
Rating: 5.0
Globalmediapro MCS-5VB Studio Condenser Microphone
Rating: 5.0
By from Singapore on
Needed some mics for a small school radio/recording room. Initially I was deciding between this mic with the behringer due to the low price. I was happy that I decided on this ones. The built was rigid and tough. Very good quality in sound reproduction. It could be a all rounded mic. The sound quality and clarity is definitely on the higher range calibre. Would I buy this again? You bet.
Dirt cheap condensor microphone.
Rating: 4.0
By from hamilton on
This is crazy, a large diaphragm condensor mic for fifty bucks???
hey it works! Thats good enough for me.
So I bought another one! I have two now. great!
one for each hand. Just like beer...
So yeah how well do they work?
For fifty bucks they are sweet as. Flat and quiet.
Pad and bass cut swtiches as well! groovy.
For budget recording these mics are great.
To be honest if they were twice the price I would still be happy.
Try that with any other mic.
They are so cheap I can't be bothered faulting them, there is no point! They work!!!!! They actually do what they are supposed to.
Excellent sound quality for video projects
Rating: 5.0
By from Paraparaumu on
I got one of these to use with a Panasonic HD camera which has xlr inputs on board. It's working very well - lovely pickup for indoor use, and very smooth, warm sound for close-up use for voiceovers.

Now I'm looking to get a separate phantom power supply so I can use it with a more portable camera :-)
Compares very well to mics 6 times the price
Rating: 5.0
By Verified Buyer from Whangarei on
I have a collection of mics that range from about $300 to $1,200 each. As a home studio owner, it has taken me many years to build this collection, because quality mics aren't cheap - right?

I have been wanting a pair of large diaphragm condensors to use as drum overheads. I own a single AudioTechnica AT3035 and have been shopping for another to complete a pair for the job. These mics sell for between $260 & $300 and I just couldn't find a good deal on one used.

Then I discover the MCS-5VB here. At the money, it was worth the risk. I had ruled out using some of my more expensive mics as overheads, as the risk of one toppling to the concrete floor were more than I could bear.

This morning they arrived (free delivery - who does that?). I have just spent a couple of hours matching gain levels and comparing this $55 mic with the $290 AT. I can't believe how good these things are! The MCS-5VB has a very slightly higher self-noise, as is reflected in the specifications (15 dBA vs 12 dBA). It also has a slightly lower output, but it compares very well and actually has a lower noise floor than some of my much more expensive mics anyway. It has a more extended bass response than the AT and a slightly brighter top end. But quality wise, this mic easily matches the AT.

If you are looking for a good mid-range condensor mic, you are absolutely stupid to spend more money on something else. I have a pretty good mic collection these days and believe me when I say, this little mic is not out of place against the competition.

So, before you go out and buy a $200 to $300 microphone, pick up one of these - no, pick up two of these, you just can't go wrong.
Globalmediapro MCS-5VB Studio Condenser Microphone
Rating: 4.0
By from Whanganui on
If one is looking for an alternative in the way of a Studio Condenser Microphone, then Globalmediapro MCS-5VB fits the bill pefectly.
This condenser microphone does a decent job in my home recording
studio and would recommend as an affordable unit that produces good sound quality for BV's and Solo Artists in any recording session.
Great Value for Money
Rating: 5.0
By from Christchurch on
The sound is very good, add extras include 10db pad, bass roll off, mic holder, pop sock, great mic for this unbeleavable price.
MCS-5VB Studio Condenser Microphone
Rating: 5.0
By from wellington on
Awesome mic equivalent to the high end ones you can purchase.
Studio work done to a high caliber wouldn't know the difference.
Unbeatable value for money
Rating: 5.0
By from Wanganui on
I haven't seen a large diaphragm condenser microphone anywhere that would
would come close to comparing with this product. For me, I needed a mic
to record vocals and instruments for my sister in laws school project but
didn't have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars buying a similar
product from the shops. The MCS-4VB did all I needed it to do for a
fraction of the cost of other brands. I now have two, and have got good
results using them as a stereo pair for BV's. Definitely worth a go if
your looking for a cost effective alternative to other more expensive
Rating: 5.0
By Verified Buyer from NZ on
The MCS 5VB is excellent - a very detailed and warm sound - you could
expect to pay a lot more (NZ$1000+) for a mic like this.

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