MainConcept EVE Video Editing Software

MainConcept EVE Video Editing Software
EVE v2 (Easy Video Editing) is the newest version MainConcept\'s popular video editing software for beginners. It\'s perfect if you\'re new to video editing, but it also offers many professional features! Simply transfer your videos onto your computer and edit them in numerous ways. Create impressive VCDs, SVCDs or DVDs in no time at all.

Import your analog and digital video footage to your computer in a few easy steps. EVE v2 offers a Storyboard mode as well as the popular Timeline interface - and you can always switch between modes whenever you like. The various AutoEdit options with different themes let you to create video projects quickly and automatically. Numerous customizable effects, filters and transitions give your films a professional look. The powerful tools, such as the trimmer, the 2D and 3D Titler as well as the Picture-in-Picture function make video editing easy and efficient. The integrated software codecs for DV and MPEG formats offer high-quality results. EVE v2 also includes a new DVD Authoring interface which enables you to author your projects directly in the Timeline and burn them to a CD or DVD without needing a separate program.

System requirements

Operating systems: Windows XP, 2000, (98SE, Me)*
Processor: Pentium 4 with 1 GHz or higher, 256 MB RAM, desktop resolution 1024x768 in 32-bit color (DirectX 9.0b(R) required), DVD/CD burner, OpenGL 1.2 for 3D Titler
Current version: 2.0

* Under Windows 98SE and Me there might be limitations for burning CDs/DVS and for the 3D Titler


User Friendly Interface
Easy drag-and-drop video editing
Timeline and Storyboard modes
Easy access to all features
iUndo/redo function

Professional Quality
Video capture from a variety of analog and digital devices
Capture directly to MPEG
Integrated high-quality DV Codec
Integrated high-quality MPEG Encoder with presets for DVD, VCD and SVCD

Efficient, streamlined interface
Ultra-fast render speed
Automatic scene detection for DV
Background rendering
Smart rendering
Instant preview
Multi-file formats for DV and MPEG to overcome Windows file size limitations
Recovery function
Useful VCD, SVCD and DVD Wizards for fast capturing, then writing to the corresponding media
Unique multi-clip trimmer
AutoEdit function for automatically creating and editing projects quickly

Creative Effects
Numerous transitions in real-time
Many editable filters and effects in real-time
Numerous effects and transitions sorted by themes
Powerful 2D and 3D titler
Impressive Picture-in-Picture tool for spectacular animations

DVD Authoring
Comfortable authoring of projects directly in the Timeline
Integrated burn engine for VCD, SVCD and DVD
Numerous templates, backgrounds, layouts, etc. for creating DVD menus