Datavideo VP-314 DV Repeater

Datavideo VP-314 DV Repeater
In Line DV Signal Booster. Connects two 6 Pin DV cables together for extended cable runs. Cable runs of up to 200 metres can be achieved by using multiple repeaters without quality loss.

Note: DV Repeater draws power via the DV Cable, one device must provide power via its DV Bus.


# In Line DV Signal Booster
# 6 Pin DV Port Input and Output
# Multiple Repeaters Can Be Used with Datavideo's 10 or 20M cables to achieve Cable Runs Of Up To 200 Metres without loss
# Metal construction
# Power On LED Indicator
# Draws power from DV device
# Mounting points for permanent installation
# Supplied c/w Cable Ties to stop cables coming loose