IEI VioGate-Master-401 Central Management Software

by IEI
IEI VioGate-Master-401 Central Management Software
Supports 4 DVR systems (16 cameras).


Multiple Server Auto Detection
Using the VioGate Master, any IP surveillance administrator can easily detect all servers within the same network and manually include other servers outside the network into the same management scope.

Central Configuration For Multiple Server
Should the administrator need to configure various parameters across all servers, VioGate Master can save time by universally setting the updated configuration to all servers within the system. The administrator can now update firmware, set up server time, add or delete a user, alter network and camera settings, assign video recording locations across all IP surveillance servers under management control effortlessly and much more besides.

Configurable Viewing Page Of Selected Cameras
Supervisors can pick up images from any camera within any IP surveillance server to configure a personal viewing page on demand. With this feature, specific group monitoring in any surveillance environment is on call at the click of a mouse. Users can set up a group viewing page including any camera highlighting the same scenario. For example, cash counters, warehouse doors and network operation centers are just some of the places where a supervisor might need a group view.

Virtual Surveillance Center
Connecting all VioGate-100 devices through the Internet. Build up a Virtual Surveillance Center without geographic constraints.

Programmable Page Management
Users are able to control all VioGate-100 through network and display up to 20 cameras on the same page. The location in the page for each camera can be easily moved by mouse.

Flexible Windows Page Management
Support 1x, 4x, 9x, 12x, 16x, 20x channels and every channel can be from different VioGate-100. The unique multi -page design enables the flexible management and replaces the expensive traditional Matrix system.

Easy Synchronization Setup
Built-in "Apply to others" integration management function
enables automatic apply to all of selected VioGate-100 units.
System managers are able to synchronize settings over the Internet just by few clicks.
When recording times need to be adjusted for Headquarters, Branch1 and Branch 2 due to the change in the working hours. The administrator only needs to change the recording schedules for the VioGate in Headquarters, and then apply to the VioGate in Branch 1 and Branch 2.
In the case of increase the right of monitoring Branch 4 and Branch 5 by the new manager of Branch 3, he / she simply applies his / her user account to the VioGate for Branches 4 and 5.

Application story

Keelong Motor Transport. Complete Management for bus hub.
Keelong Motor Transport is a public bus company in northern Taiwan. The bus hub performs critical role in the transportation business, management needs to monitor station situations and security in order to response to different occasions. The IEI VioGate-100 Digital Video Recorder system becomes the answer to these requirements. The VioGate-100 installed in several bus stations with the main hub in Keelong. The management monitors situations from head office through the distributed VioGate-100 in bus stations via Internet. The VioGate-100 connected to the NAS (Network Attached Storage) in order to link through the Internet. The NAS from IEI performs another key function in the system iV Image storage. Management monitors real-time image as well as previous image stored in the NAS. Since the NAS is connected to Internet, previous image file can be retrieved from remote Other than the management issues, the security is kept through this system. All passengers and employee are protected under this system. On top of these issues, the management is able to control bus frequency from the central control. The VioGate-100 with NAS system provides the key solution in management for Keelong Motor Transport.