IEI VioCard-100 Network DVR Server Card

by IEI
IEI VioCard-100 Network DVR Server Card
The Viocard-100 allows existing general-purpose servers to have video surveillance capabilities. Using GPIO interfaces, it can also be connected to door-entry systems such as card readers, electromagnetic locks, emergency buttons and sensors.
By installing a VioCard-100, authorized mobile devices can transmit real-time image files or related data via a wireless Internet or GPRS connection, turning simple servers into multi-functional network servers.


1. Multi-type Camera Supported
All kind of cameras, include color camera, dome camera, High Speed Dome camera, can be connect to VioCard-100

2. Embedded Application Program
OS and program are embedded in FLASH ROM, and any driver and program is not necessary to install in system.

3. VioCard-GPIO Module
Combine with VioCard-GPIO daughter board to connect to other hardware devices, and integral different system. Let other systems be more valuable.

4. RS-232/422/485 Supported
Provide multi-connector to control PTZ camera and Pan-and-Tile device, and control matrix device, security device and remote I/O module. Add multi-function on storehouse or monitoring area.

5. 10/100M Ethernet Connector
VioCard-100 is not dependent on the main system network device. No effect to VioCard-100, if the main system network device is broken

6. Dual Power Connector
PCI slot support power to VioCard-100 and is not necessary to transfer any data. VioCard-100 does not acquire any other CPU loading.

7. Dual Power Connector
Independent power input connector can be connected to power supply. VioCard-100 can work stand-alone.


Cost Reduction
The VioCard-100 embedded surveillance system card saves on extra expenses for additional servers and minimizes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

100% Compatible
The VioCard-100 can be easily integrated into existing servers without modifications to the hardware or software.

High add-on value
With the integration of the VioCard-100, a single function server can be instantly upgraded to a high-performance video-surveillance server, enhancing the competitiveness in the market.

High Integration
1. Multicast Technology
The integration of Multicast Technology has enhanced bandwidth efficiency. Only one share of bandwidth is occupied, independent of how many users are viewing the same network at any given time.
2. Active X Technology
Active X, developed by Microsoft, is an open standard used to develop powerful Internet applications or versatile website contents. Development programs following WIN 32 standards such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, etc. can be easily integrated with Active X to form other new applications.
3. Video Instant Push Technology
VIP (Video Instant Push) Technology, developed under an embedded Linux platform, overcomes a present technology bottleneck by active video image transmission technology. It offers a complete network surveillance structure, reaching the ultimate goals of decentralized process, remote storage and central surveillance management.

The VioCard-GPIO digital input/output module offers the VioCard-100 extra-ordinary hardware integration capabilities via 4 normal-open and normal-close inputs, which allow inputs from an external system such as a POS system, car parking management system, face recognition system, door-entry system or central surveillance system. Connected to a GPIO module, the VioCard-100 also offers huge amount of integration possibilities for system integrators, distributors and OEM partners alike


Video input
4 channel BNC composite input NTSC/PAL auto sensing

Video Resolution
160x120, 320x240, 640x240, 640x480

Video Compression Ratio
5 adjustable compression levels

Browsing Mode
Through IE Browser (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP) 5.0 or above:
- Single Channel, Four Channels
- Picture-In-Picture Mode
- Sequential Mode
- Video dimension (1xMode, 2xMode, Full Screen Mode)

Video Recording Mode
Continuous Recording
Scheduling Recording
Event-triggered Recording
Manual Recording (Manual Snapshot)

Video Playback
Through IE Browser:
- Search by date/time/even-triggered
- Four channels playback simultaneously
- Multiple playback speed (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 1/2x, 1/4x, 1/8x, 1/16x speed)
- Save as AVI format while playback

Video Compression
Motion JPEG (Support Multicast)

Video Storage
- Provides IDE port to connect local HDD.
- Supports remote storage including Windows OS (98, ME, 2000, XP), Linux/UNIX File Serer, FTP Server, NAS.
- Supports 2 sets of storage sources. When the first set fails, the system can automatically switch to the second storage device for uninterruptible recording/snapshot.

Motion Detection
Multiple detection areas with 5 adjustable sensitivity levels
30 seconds pre alarm video recordings motion triggered mode

Web-based Control
Supports IE ActiveX
Web-based system management
- System setting
- Recording/Snapshot setting
- Network setting
- Event handing
- Security setting
- Statistics and logs
- User management
- System tool for software maintenance and update
- Camera setting

ActiveX Controls
Supports embedded object in webpage / Provides Object Interface
- Real time surveillance configuration
- Image play back configuration
- Image storage configuration

Security settings
IP security settings:
- Accept all IP addresses
- Accept specified IP addresses
- Deny specified IP addresses
User rights settings:
- Configurable user surveillance right on viewing channels and playback channels
- Configurable PTZ camera control
- Configurable system access setting

10/100Base-T Ethernet
DHCP client supported
PPPoE, DDNS supported
Supports ActiveX

Event Handling
Event Type
- Multiple Interval
- System fail
- Motion detection
- Storage full
- Video input loss
- GPI (General Purpose Input)
- Network fail
Event Action Type
-Mobile phone SMS
-Audio warning alarm
-Email GPO (General Purpose Output)

Serial Port
RS-232 x 1
RS-422/485 x 1
Supports PTZ camera control

4 alarm inputs; 4 alarm outputs (4 relays).
For integrating emergency buttons, switches and sensors.

System Auto Recovery
Auto system recovery after power loss recovery

Additional Software
VioGate Finder - automatic searching for all VioGate units or VioCard within the LAN and be able to change network setting.
VioGate Viewer - client application for the retrieval of recorded video directly from the storage source.

Operation Conditions
Temperature : 5 ~ 50oC (40 ~ 125oF)
Humidity : 5 ~ 95% RHG

Power Source
100 ~ 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz